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Custom packaging


Custom Packaging

When you need something different.....

Shiloh Plastics specialises in creating custom designed packaging to meet the individual needs of our clients. Blister packs can be moulded to a shape to fit securely around your product. Boxes can be designed in an infinity number of designs and Dimensions. Below are pictures of some custom products that we have designed. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you to help you design a package that suits your needs perfectly.

Remember that in most cases, tooling is required to produce custom products. If you wish to avoid tooling costs, please check our off-shelf ranges for something that may suit your requirements, or feel free to call us for suggestions.

What will we require?

  • A sample of the product to be packed. This does not need to be a working model. We just need the outer casing if you like in order to make sure that your product will fit perfectly into the finished package.
  • Full payment for tooling before we start production of the mould.
  • For blister packs, allow 4 to 6 weeks to produce tooling from the time you make payment for tooling.
  • For boxes and cylinders (where only the height of the package is altered), allow a week to produce a knife from the time you place your order.
  • Allow a further week or two to produce product.
  • Payment for your completed product is required before goods are dispatched.

Here are some examples.........

Point of Sale Tray

Macaroon Tray

This is an example of one of our custom clamshells. This pack was made to stand directly on the shelf. It has a relatively flat bottom, and because of the weight of the contents of the pack it is able to stand. A carry handle has been cut into the top of the pack. Click here for more information on blister packs.
This is an example of a point of sale tray made to hold the ezy aussie prawn peeler. It is made from HIPS (high impact poly styrene). A tray like this could be custom made to hold your product on a counter display. Note that the blister pack for the prawn peeler is also a custom made product.
This Tray was designed to hold biscuits. It is an insert to put into a box and was produced in clear PVC. Click here for more information on Trays.

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