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Blister Packs

Blister Packs (Clamshells)

What is a Blister Pack?

The term "Blister packs" describes a kind of specially designed plastic packaging, which is generally, though not always, used in a hang sell situation. Plastic is moulded into a cavity that holds a product. The plastic either encloses or is attached to a backing card. Blister Packs are a fantastic for the shopper, because they allow them to see exactly what they are purchasing. This means that they are also a great packaging solution for the seller as the package is less likely to be damaged by people trying to take a look at what's inside.

Large Range of Standard Sizes Ready for Despatch Now!

At Shiloh Plastics, we manufacture a large range of standard sized clamshells and slide-in-card blisters. Many of these are kept on the shelf, meaning that in many cases your order can be despatched straight away upon receipt of payment.

Custom Designs A Specialty

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Three Different Styles:

Some people refer to all blister packs as clamshells. However the term clamshell refers to only one of three styles of blister packs. At Shiloh Plastics we specialise in 'Folded' or blister packs that a card slides into the back, and clamshells as seen on the right. We have a large range of both styles on the shelf. Product lists are available for both Slide in Card blisters and Clamshells.

Blister packs can also be produced where a plastic cavity with a flange is glued directly to the backing card. This is called 'blister sealing' and requires a heavy card with a glue adhesive. We don't have off shelf stock of this style of blister pack. However we could produce this style of blister by using any mould from our Slide-in-card blister range. You would just need to pay a contribution towards the cost of a knife.

Feel free to ask us for advice on which one would be most suitable for your product.

Shiloh Plastics are the manufacturer and supplier of these products, and are located in Brisbane, Australia





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