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As the name suggests, flat packed boxes come 'flat packed' and need assembly. This is a simple proceedure which involves re-creasing the edges that have been packed flat and folding in the flaps at the ends. The box has already been glued.

This is only a list of the current flat-packed boxes. Please note that custom sized packs can be organised and sizes are approximate only.

(Price List available upon Request. Samples are also available for the minimal cost of freight, which will be deducted from your first stock order.)

Product Code Cavity Size (length x width x height) Box Qty
BX3935108 39mm x 35mm x 108mm 100
BX4343144 43mm x 43mm x 144mm 100
BX454545 45mm x 45mm x 45mm 100
BX454590 45mm x 45mm x 90mm 100
BX504852 50mm x 48mm x 52mm 100
BX5252135 52mm x 52mm x 135mm 100
BX605090 60mm x 50mm x 90mm 100
BX6666240 66mm x 66mm x 240mm 100
BX707098 70mm x 70mm x 98mm 100
BX7070200 70mm x 70mm x 200mm 100
BX878770 87mm x 87mm x 70mm 100
BX8787123 87mm x 87mm x 123 100
BX909060 90mm x 90mm x 60mm 100
BX9090124 90mm x 90mm x 124mm 100
BX929282 92mm x 92mm x 82mm 100
BX1004852 100mm x 48mm x 50mm 100
BX1007250 100mm x 72mm x 50mm 100
BX10111250 101mm x 112mm x 50mm 100
BX11811040 118mm x 110mm x 40mm 100
BX125125196 125mm x 125mm x 196mm 100
BX1269242 126mm x 92mm x 42mm 100
BX12712727 127mm x 127mm x 26mm 100
BX130100210 130mm x 100mm x 210mm 100
BX150150130 150mm x 150mm x 130mm 100
BX15214910 152mm x 149mm x 10mm 100
BX15312080 153mm x 120mm x 80mm 100
BX15313093 153mm x 130mm x 93mm 100
BX17010445 170mm x 114mm x 45mm 100
BX18012723 180mm x 127mm x 23mm 100
BX18212733 182mm x 127mm x 33mm 100
BX19010445 190mm x 104mm x 45mm 100
BX2005072 200mm x 50mm x 72mm 100
BX20010090 200mm x 100mm x 90mm 100
BX21012555 210mm x 125mm x 55mm 100
BX21516570 215mm x 165mm x 70mm 100
BX22516890 225mm x 168mm x 90mm 100
BX35029010 350mm x 290mm x 10mm 100


Flat packed box


Also Available:

Lids and Separate Bases

Box with hanger hole

Plastic Cylinders


The minimum order quantity for plastic boxes is one box quantity or 100 units.

Calibre Print can supply you with backing cards.We recommend B & K Plastics for Injection Moulding

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