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This is only a list of the current lids and bases. These products can also be sold as a clear lids only for cardboxes. This list is growing, and custom products can be organised. Sizes are approximate only.

(Price List available upon Request. Samples are also available for the minimal cost of freight, which will be deducted from your first stock order.)

Lid and Base
Product Code

Cavity Size (length x width x height)

Minimum Order Qty

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LB2554020 255mm x 40mm x 20mm 100
LB1104545 110mm x 45mm x 45mm 100
LB2104545 210mm x 45mm x 45mm 100
LB1005738 100mm x 57mm x 38mm 100
LB606035 60mm x 60mm x 35mm 100
LB606050 60mm x 60mm x 50mm 100
LB956035 95mm x 60mm x 35mm 100
LB959525 95mm x 95mm x 25mm 100
LB1706030 170mm x 60mm x 30mm 100
LB1057035 105mm x 70mm x 35mm 100
LB1267061 126mm x 70mm x 61mm 100
LB907235 90mm x 72mm x 35mm 100
LB747425 74mm x 74mm x 25mm 100
LB7575100 75mm x 75mm x 100mm 100
LB1207545 120mm x 75mm x 45mm 100
LB1708020 170mm x 80mm x 20mm 100
LB2408230 240mm x 82mm x 30mm 100
LB878725 87mm x 87mm x 25mm 100
LB1959156 195mm x 91mm x 56mm 100
LB1609356 160mm x 93mm x 56mm 100
LB1409468 140mm x 94mm x 68mm 100
LB10010075 100mm x 100mm x 75mm 100
LB13010020 130mm x 100mm x 20mm 100
LB15010075 150mm x 100mm x 75mm 100
LB10410445 104mm x 104mm x 45mm 100
LB11510530 115mm x 105mm x 30mm 100
LB20010518 200mm x 105mm x 18mm 100
LB14510832 145mm x 108mm x 32mm 100
LB11511565 115mm x 115mm x 65mm 100
LB120120120 120mm x 120mm x 120mm 100
LB24012060 240mm x 120mm x 60mm 100
LB18812235 188mm x 122mm x 35mm 100
LB20112367 201mm x 123mm x 67mm 100
LB13013032 130mm x 130mm x 32mm 100
LB16814340 168mm x 143mm x 40mm 100
LB16914440 169mm x 144mm x 40mm 100
LB13213245 132mm x 132mm x 45mm 100
LB16814015 168mm x 140mm x 15mm 100
LB145145145 145mm x 145mm x 145mm 100
LB21015025 210mm x 150mm x 25mm 100
LB16016070 160mm x 160mm x 70mm 100
LB17217230 172mm x 172mm x 30mm 100
LB18018080 180mm x 180mm x 80mm 100
LB22118150 221mm x 181mm x 50mm 100
LB190190100 190mm x 190mm x 100mm 100
LB20520550 205mm x 205mm x 50mm 100
LB26021050 260mm x 210mm x 50mm 100
LB240240100 240mm x 240mm x 100mm 100
LB31024598 310mm x 245mm x 98mm 100
LB32026060 320mm x 260mm x 60mm 100
LB35029010 350mm x 290mm x 10mm 100

Other designs available:Flat Packed Boxes

Box with hanger tab

Plastic Cylinders

Pillow Packs


Our minimum order quantity for plastic boxes is one box quantity or 100 units.


We recommend B and K plastics for injection mouldingEzy Aussie - Australian owned and manufactured products

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